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Introduction Transmission Industry in Nigeria

If you have a transmission issue, you can’t simply go to an auto shop for repairs and diagnostics. A variety of factors such as leaks, internal abrasion, and material damage can cause transmission problems. With skilled mechanics and the right equipment, transmission shops will efficiently and adequately fix your transmission and driveline. This StarInsights report analyses the best-rated and reviewed transmission shops in Nigeria.

Industry Overview Transmission Industry in Nigeria

Transmission in a car is the piece of the vehicle that associates with the rear of the motor, contributing power from the motor to the wheels. The transmission utilizes the power made in the motor to keep the wheels turning and keep the motor inside a specific cycle each moment range. They are very important in a car and when faulty must only be fixed by skilled professionals. eKomi, a famous survey office, has gathered a report considering Google Maps reviews and assessments to rank the best in class and best-evaluated transmission shops in Nigeria. The data aggregated is spread out in the tables under.

Most-reviewed transmission shops in Nigeria

Name of Shop Most reviewed
Automedics limited  136
Carmax Autocare Center  114
Mr. Transmission/Milex, Lekki  31
Tritan Autoworks  20
Dreamland Motor Engineering Works  16
Carloha Nigeria Workshop  8
Proforce Auto Service – Armoured Vehicle Service Center Lagos Nigeria  6
Carquest, Nigeria  6
Pillarofgrace Engineering Limited (Hope Autos)  4
Heromas auto care  4

Top-rated transmission shops in Nigeria

Name of shop  Ratings
Carloha Nigeria Workshop  4.9
Proforce Auto Service – Armoured Vehicle Service Center Lagos Nigeria  4.8
Heromas auto care  4.8
Dreamland Motor Engineering Works  4.6
Tritan Autoworks  4.4
Carquest, Nigeria  4.3
Carmax Autocare Center  4.1
Automedics limited  4.0
Mr. Transmission/Milex, Lekki  4.0
Pillarofgrace Engineering Limited (Hope Autos)  4.0


The three highest-rated companies, as per Google Maps, are Carloha Nigeria Workshop, Proforce Auto Service – Armoured Vehicle Service Center Lagos Nigeria, and Heromas auto care, with ratings of 4.9, 4.8, and 4.8 separately. 

Additionally, we also conducted an examination utilizing Google Maps surveys. Automedics limited is the main, most-explored transmission shop in Nigeria, with 136 audits. Next is Carmax Autocare Center, with 114 surveys, trailed by Mr. Transmission/Milex, Lekki with 31 reviews.

eKomi recognises the CEOs of the principle transmission shops in Nigeria in the two groupings and lauds them for dependably making quality assistance that results in positive reviews. In any case, we ask all transmission shops in Nigeria to work with survey offices like eKomi to improve the amount of reviews. The clarification is that positive examinations increase client traffic to the site related to the business advancement, and sales movement.

Online contribution from existing purchasers is one of the crucial components of a creating business and is particularly major to propel development with clients’ tendencies. Evaluations in like manner sway the client’s choice of business for purchase and can be the qualification between whether a company sinks or swims

eKomi is offering free consultations to consider with impending clients on the most capable strategy to accumulate more positive reviews on the web and to make more regular purchaser traffic both on and off the web. eKomi works with the improvement of branding concerning electronic media, along with additional media services, by coordinating examinations of clients’ various inclinations.

We will lead one more evaluation in the following three months and expect transmission shops in Nigeria to present better outcomes. Set notifications for the eKomi blog to study, which will be the best appraised and the most evaluated transmission shop in Nigeria.

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