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Top Wine Farms in Paarl/Klapmuts, Cape Town

Few nations can match the variety of grape varieties and wine styles produced throughout the Western Cape Province. eKomi StarInsights reviewed the various wine farms in Cape Town as divided by the Wine of Origin Scheme (2021). There are mainly four regions namely: The Breede River Valley, The Little Karoo, Coastal, and Olifants River.

This report is the last part of the three-tier StarInsights on wine estates in Cape Town. In this instance, we evaluated wine farms in Paarl/Klapmuts.

Industry Overview Winery Estates

Wine becomes a cultural symbol whose purpose has changed over time from being a necessary food source to being a social and cultural addition to food.

Wine has been a part of human culture for thousands of years. The earliest evidence of wine production dates back to 6000 BC in Georgia. Wine was also produced in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. In Ancient Greece, wine was a central part of social and religious life. It was used in religious ceremonies, as a symbol of hospitality, and as a source of pleasure. The Romans expanded the production and consumption of wine throughout their empire. Wine became an important part of medieval European culture, particularly in the Catholic Church. Today, wine is produced all over the world and is consumed by people of all cultures. It is no longer just a symbol of wealth or power, but is also a symbol of pleasure, relaxation, and social interaction.

South African wine has a long history; since antiquity, it has adapted to become a part of daily life, culture, and cuisine. Even historians claim that the exchange of wine between cultures created pathways for disseminating religious and philosophical ideas worldwide. From white wines, such as sauvignon blanc, over to sparkling wine, wine lovers from all over the world come to this corner of Africa to enjoy the favourite wines.

The OIV’s 2021 data has South Africa ranked eighth among the biggest wine-producing countries on the planet, ahead of Germany and Portugal, behind Australia, Chile, and Argentina. The Top 3 – Italy, France and Spain – account for almost half of the world’s production, with the Top 8 accounting for more than 76% of all wine produced – volumes given in millions of hectolitres (mhl).

In the Western Cape, Paarl is a charming historic town located just outside of Cape Town. It is a part of the Cape Winelands, which are known all over the world for both the amazing wines they produce, remainders of the Cape Dutch architecture, breathtaking scenery and panoramic views. The word “Paarl” is Dutch for “pearl,” and it refers to the three granite boulders that make up Pearl Mountain’s distinctively rounded peak, which can be seen for miles.

In this StarInsights report, the aim was to learn more about how consumers make decisions about selecting a wine farm and what factors most influence those choices. After analysing the data, it was clear that consumers take a complex journey and apply various levels of importance to channels at different phases along their path to making a decision to select a wine farm. The tables below show the results from Google Maps as of August 29, 2022.

Top-rated wine estates

Wine Farms in Paarl/Klapmuts


Number of Reviews

Rupert & Rothschild Vignerons 4.8 72
Niel Joubert Wines 4.8 32
Glen Carlou 4.7 360
Fairview Wine and Cheese 4.6 1756
Babylonstoren 4.6 852
Vrede en Lust Wine Estate 4.5 720
Noble Hill Wine Estate 4.5 198
Ridgeback Wines & The Deck Restaurant 4.5 145
Vendôme Wine Estate & Venue 4.3 64
Morgenhof Wine Estates 4.2 251
Boland Cellar 4.1 26

Most reviewed Vineyards in Paarl

Wine Farms in Paarl/Klapmuts

Number of Reviews


Fairview Wine and Cheese 1756 4.6
Babylonstoren 852 4.6
Vrede en Lust Wine Estate 720 4.5
Glen Carlou 360 4.7
Morgenhof Wine Estates 251 4.2
Noble Hill Wine Estate 198 4.5
Ridgeback Wines & The Deck Restaurant 145 4.5
Rupert & Rothschild Vignerons 72 4.8
Vendôme Wine Estate & Venue 64 4.3
Niel Joubert Wines 32 4.8
Boland Cellar 26 4.1

Bravo to all the listed top-rated wine farms in Paarl/Klapmuts, Cape Town. Special mention goes to, Rupert & Rothschild Vignerons and Niel Joubert Wines who sit on top, with an amazing 4.8-stars rating out of 5 stars, the difference only lying in the number of reviews, 72 and 32 respectively. It’s important to note that a high-star rating score signals to customers that the wine or service is of quality.

The majority of the shops on the list earned an average 4.-star rating, with the least rated shop obtained a 4.1-star rating. These results illustrate the steep competition that exists in Wineries. As, a result, the score a wine farm earns has a considerable impact on how well they do in comparison to rivals in a market where there is fierce rivalry.

In terms of reviews, Fairview Wine and Cheese tops the list with 1756 reviews, followed by Babylonstoren with 852 reviews and Vrede en Lust Wine Estate with 720 reviews. Additionally, the number of reviews is also a significant variant, consumers are generally more likely to click on wine farms with numerous reviews. In fact, a wine farm actually gains a lot of credibility if it receives a lot of reviews.

Congratulations to the owners of the best-rated and most reviewed Wine farms in Paarl/Klapmuts, Cape Town, for their commendable leadership. These leaders recognized the value of positive reviews and ratings and worked diligently to build customer satisfaction ratings to the highest, which is the goal of maintaining relevance in a highly competitive market. They worked so that customers can have a satisfying experience with them, which is crucial for business success!

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