Best Gift Shops in Lagos, Nigeria

Best Gift Shops

Best Online Gift Shops in Lagos, Nigeria

Last-minute gifts are essential, whether it’s someone whose birthday you’ve forgotten or who needs a congrats gift. Why even bother ordering in advance when there are so many online shops that can send gifts the same day? In this StarInsights report, we look at the top gift shops in Lagos, Nigeria that offer gifts with same-day delivery.  We evaluated star ratings and reviews, which are based on customer perceptions of quality and performance.

Impact of Customer Feedback on Gift Shops

In this digital age, consumers frequently form opinions about a company based on online reviews and ratings. Many customers are turning to review and rating sites like Yelp, Google, and Trustpilot just to mention a few platforms, to share their experiences with local businesses and share their feedback. This feedback can have a drastic impact on customer retention, level of repeat business, and new customers.

As a result, customer feedback is very important in the gift shop business. It allows the shop to understand what their customers like and dislike, and make improvements accordingly. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately resulting in more sales and revenue. Additionally, by listening to customer feedback, a gift shop can identify trends in the market and adjust their product offerings accordingly to stay competitive.

eKomi’s Key Findings on Lagos Gift Shops

Gift shops make a healthy profit margin, and they do best in areas and with people who have a strong sense of celebration. Lagos does not fall short and is home to numerous gift shops. The competition is tough because there are enough options for people to buy from. Consequently, to locate the top gift delivery services in Lagos, we used Google Maps. We chose the top 10 businesses out of the more than 60 we located based on their star ratings and amount of reviews. Hereafter, we present our results as of 23 January 2023:


Gift Shop Rating Reviews VI Branch, Same-Day Delivery 5.0 220, Fresh flowers Delivery 5.0 65
Prestige Flowershop | Lagos | 24 hours Online 5.0 36
The Gift Fairy NG 5.0 34
Gift World NG 5.0 10
The Hamper Shop 5.0 7
Giftsbysisi Gifting Company 4.9 70
Hazels Basket 4.9 23

Most reviewed 

Gift Shop Reviews Rating VI Branch, Same-Day Delivery 220 5.0
The Flower & Balloon Company- 80 4.6
Flowers Lagos 75 4.8
Giftsbysisi Gifting Company 70 4.9
The Lekki Gift Company 68 4.5
Gifts ‘n Giggles gift shop 66 4.8, Fresh flowers Delivery 65 5.0
Prestige Flowershop | Lagos | 24 hours Online 36 5.0
The Gift Fairy NG 34 5.0

Lagos gift shops have outstanding star ratings and user reviews. Even if some of the top-rated businesses have a modest review count, the bulk of them have 5.0-star ratings. VI Branch, which has an impressive 5.0 stars from 220 reviews, and is the top contender in our list of “most rated” products. Additionally, all but two of the listed gift shops have ratings of at least 4.9 stars, with the highest mark being 5.0. These are incredibly impressive accomplishments that these shops are aware of the value of reviews and ratings.

Regarding reviews, VI Branch, tops the list of schools with the most reviews, receiving 220, followed by the Flower & Balloon Company with 80 reviews, and Flowers Lagos with 75 reviews. Regal Flowers results are astounding because a high rating with a huge sample size is a highly desired trait, and eKomi expresses its heartfelt congratulations.

Recommendations & Conclusion

We looked through Google Maps and found that the websites of Lagos gift shops lacked any consumer reviews. Given how active the market for gift delivery services is, eKomi wants business owners to become familiar with its offerings for improved digital marketing and brand visibility on Google. eKomi helps increase your online visibility by gathering thousands and thousands of reviews and ratings. In the long run, this will increase website traffic and sales.

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