An Assessment of the Services Rendered by Motorcycle Equipment and Accessories Industry | An eKomi StarInsights report

An Assessment of the Services Rendered by Motorcycle Equipment and Accessories Industry 

When making purchases online, we want to make sure that the company we deal with is reputable and hassle-free. This is especially true when it comes to buying our motorcycle gear, as let’s face it, being a biker isn’t cheap. Today’s report is based on the satisfaction of customers who patronize motorcycle equipment and accessories companies in South Africa (SA).

Statistical Study on the Services

In 2019, the total number of sales of motorcycles in SA went from 20,016 in 2018 to 20,963. The motorcycle market in South Africa is rapidly expanding, and it is left to the company that sells these parts to decide if they wish to make sales in the company. eKomi’s vision is focused on companies that try to create profit through natural and reliable consumer loyalty reviews and practice methods that will take the brand and the organization to higher levels.

eKomi led an exhaustive investigation of the ten most encouraging motorcycle equipment and accessories companies in South Africa in light of the evaluations given by their clients, utilizing Google Maps. The short-listed motorcycle equipment and accessories companies based on statistical reviews are tabulated below:

Most reviewed motorcycle equipment store in SA

Name of Store

Most Reviewed

Biker’s Warehouse  1,062
Motorcycle World  548
The Bike Hospital  482
Startline  333
Spirit Group International | SGI  264
Craigs Motorcycle Spares  197
Primrose Motorcycles  193
Moto Mate Edenvale  183
Max-Inc SA  66

Some of these stores have shown considerable interest in client satisfaction surveys, with Biker’s Warehouse being the most reviewed motorcycle equipment store with 1,062 reviews. Next is Motorcycle World with 548 reviews, followed by The Bike Hospital with 482 reviews.

An absence of reviews flags an absence of customer support to forthcoming buyers and can drive them off from working with the motorcycle parts store, since ratings, or an absence of, educate buyers more about the store than what the business places on its website.

eKomi, more than any review agency, comprehends the worth of evaluations in light of the fact that, in this high speed world, ratings might be the main survey the purchasing client in this fast-paced world has the energy to undertake. We concluded the StarInsights appraisal by looking at the evaluations of the ten most-rated motorcycle equipment and accessories stores in SA, as displayed in the table underneath.

Top-rated motorcycle equipment store in SA

Name of Store


Max-Inc SA  4.7
Motorcycle World  4.5
Spirit Group International | SGI  4.5
Biker’s Warehouse  4.4
Craigs Motorcycle Spares  4.3
Primrose Motorcycles  4.3
Moto Mate Edenvale  4.3
Startline 4.1
The Bike Hospital  3.8

In the aspect of ratings, motorcycle equipment stores in South Africa seem to be performing well. The best-rated airline is a tie between GPS4AFRICA CC, and Max-Inc SA, with both companies being rated at 4.7 respectively. eKomi also discovered that the second best-rates airline was also a tie between Motorcycle World and Spirit Group International, with both airlines rated at 4.5. Biker’s Warehouse took third place with a rating of 4.4.

eKomi applauds the CEO’s of the top three motorcycle equipment and accessories stores in both categories for their dedication to excellent service and urges all stores in the exceptionally serious industry to be ready and contact a review organization like eKomi, which works with a proficient team to deliver trustworthy reviews that show the services of the motorcycle store. The eKomi team presents all airline operators with an offer to evaluate customer reviews, which includes a free consultation to determine the growth of an airline and optimize its search traffic and sales development.

Check out eKomi’s blog in three months to read our next assessment on which motorcycle equipment and accessories store will be the best rated and which one will be the most rated in South Africa.

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