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The Helicopter Charter Industry in Brazil

This StarInsights report is a review of your options for the best Brazil helicopter rides and tours.  Obviously, most people would love to see Brazil on foot, but sometimes it’s fun to get a totally different view!

If you’ve ever wanted to get a birds-eye view of your favourite places, we have collated a report based on Google Maps reviews and ratings of the top helicopter services in the city to rank the top-rated and best-rated helicopter charter services in Brazil

Overview Industry into the Helicopter Charter Industry 

Helicopters are used for various reasons, but it is prevalent in Brazil as a way of conveying citizens through the country. The city of São Paulo alone is home to over 210 heliports that act as landing spots for approximately 1,300 aircraft. This shows that there is a fast-growing market for helicopters, and customers have a variety of preferences that they would look for when choosing a helicopter charter service. These preferences are influenced by the reviews and ratings found on popular, trustworthy review sites like eKomi, Google Maps, etc. The data gathered is outlined in the tables below

Most reviewed Helicopter Charter services in Brazil

Name of Helicopter Charter

Number of Reviews

High Class Helicopter Tours 525
Helisul 447
Riocopter Helicopter Tours Rio  222
Passeio de Helicóptero Rj | Comandante Nobre 144
Rio2Fly – Passeios de Helicóptero – Rio de Janeiro 132
Vertical Rio 104
Helisul Táxi Aéreo 102
Rio Adventures Operadora de Turismo 54
Gregtur Turismo – Tours & Excursions In Brazil 47
Rio Panorâmico – Passeio de Helicóptero pelo Rio de Janeiro 47


Best-rated Helicopter Charter services in Brazil

Name of Helicopter Charter Rating
Rio Helicopter Tour 5.0
RiocopterHelicopter Tours Rio | Passeio de helicóptero RJ e Voo Panorâmico 5.0
Rio Panorâmico – Passeio de Helicóptero pelo Rio de Janeiro 5.0
Helitop Rio – Voos Panorâmicos 5.0
High Class Helicopter Tours 4.9
Rio2Fly – Passeios de Helicóptero – Rio de Janeiro 4.9
Vertical Rio 4.9
BHS- Brazilian Helicopter Services 4.9
Passeio de Helicóptero Rj | Comandante Nobre 4.8
Helisight 4.5

The highest-rated company, according to Google Maps, is a tie between Rio Helicopter Tours, Riocopter Helicopter Tours, Rio Panorâmico, and Helitop Rio with ratings of 5.0. Second place is also a tie between four charters with a rating of 4.9. The four companies are High Class Helicopter Tours, Rio2Fly, Vertical Rio, and Brazilian Helicopter Services. The third highest-rated is Passeio de Helicóptero, while Helisight holds fourth place.

In terms of reviews, High Class Helicopter Tours is the leading, most-reviewed helicopter charter in Brazil, with 525 reviews. Next is Helisul, with 427 reviews, followed by Riocopter Helicopter Tours Rio with 222 reviews. 

We congratulate the CEOs of the leading helicopter charters in both categories and applaud them for consistently producing quality service that results in positive reviews. However, we urge all helicopter companies to work with review agencies like eKomi to improve the number of reviews. The reason is that positive ratings increase customer traffic to the website associated with the business and promote branding, marketing, and sales advancement. 

Online feedback from existing purchasers is one of the crucial factors of a growing business and is very essential to evolve alongside customers’ preferences. Ratings also influence the customer’s choice of business for purchase and can be the difference between whether a company sinks or swims. 

The eKomi team is offering a free consultation to confer with prospective clients on how to garner more positive reviews online, to produce more organic traffic both on and off the internet. eKomi facilitates the development of branding regarding social media, along with improving services by conducting surveys on consumer likes and dislikes.

We will be conducting another appraisal in the next three months and expect helicopter charters in Brazil to produce more encouraging results. Set notifications for the blog to learn more about who will be the best-rated and the most rated helicopter charter service in Brazil.

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