Top Commercial Cleaning Companies in Kampala, Uganda

Top Commercial Cleaning Companies in Kampala, Uganda

Top Commercial Cleaning Companies in Kampala

The workplace is a reflection of your business. As such, a clean and tidy office can not only impress potential clients, but also enhance employee performance and productivity. The best commercial cleaning companies in Uganda offer a wide range of internal, general, and routine cleaning services at affordable costs. Given the expanding significance of the cleaning sector in contemporary society, this StarInsights report aims to assist consumers by determining the top commercial cleaning businesses Kampala has to offer.

Selecting the Best

The commercial cleaning industry in Uganda is still relatively small, but growing. The industry is mainly composed of small and medium-sized enterprises that offer cleaning services to businesses and other organizations. With that in mind, selecting the best service provider is a challenging task, as questions like reliability, consistency, and integrity have to be considered.

Consequently, online reviews and ratings are the sure way to answer questions of reliability, consistency, and integrity. A good cleaning business will have devoted clients who have continued to use its services for many years, possibly even decades.

On the part of the cleaning service providers, more sales would mean the result of increased trust, customer loyalty, and brand advocacy. With a solid reputation, a business can also charge more for services without scaring away potential customers who value and want the brand. Without further ado, here are the top ten office cleaning services in Kampala, Uganda to help you maintain an office gleaming appearance based on customer reviews and ratings obtained from Google Maps.

Top-rated Commercial Cleaning Companies in Kampala

Company Name Reviews  Reviews
H&A Cleaning Services 5.0 12
Puragum Solutions 5.0 12
Rabbi cleaning and fumigation Agency 5.0 9
Kweeza Cleaning Services 5.0 5
Steye Cleaning Services 5.0 5
NK Clean Company Uganda SMC Limited 4.9 95
7star Cleaning Services ug 4.9 36
Datfri Cleaning Co. Int’l (U) Ltd 4.9 10
Xtreme Steam Cleaning Services @Najjera 4.9 14
Hygiene Consultants 4.9 9

Most reviewed Commercial Cleaning Companies in Kampala

Company Name Reviews Ratings
NK Clean Company Uganda SMC Limited 95 4.9
7star Cleaning Services ug 36 4.9
Mavek Cleaning Services Uganda Ltd 31 4.7
Mako Cleaning Services 19 4.8
Magma Cleaning Services 15 4.7
Xtreme Steam Cleaning Services @Najjera 14 4.9
Access cleaning services-Uganda 12 4.8
H&A Cleaning Services 12 5.0
Puragum Solutions 12 5.0
Datfri Cleaning Co. Int’l (U) Ltd 10 4.9

The top-rated commercial cleaning service is a tie between six companies, with perfect five-star ratings, as reflected in the table above. This is undoubtedly a job well done in a sector where competition is likely currently on the rise. While the major difference is in the number of reviews, NK Clean Company Uganda SMC Limited results of are all the more amazing. Because having a good rating with a large sample size is a very desirable feature, with a 4.9-star rating from 95 reviews.

Congratulations to the CEO’s and teams of the listed companies in both categories for their excellent services and urge all competitors in the industry to up their game and reach out to a review agency like eKomi, which works with an efficient team to produce reviews that are organic and credible.

We will lead one more evaluation in the following three months and expect office cleaning services providers in Kampala, to present better outcomes. Set notifications for the eKomi blog to study, which will be the top commercial cleaning company.

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