Top Surgical Gloves Suppliers in Tokyo, Japan

Top Surgical Gloves Suppliers in Tokyo, Japan

Top Surgical Gloves Suppliers in Tokyo, Japan

Japan is known for having high standards in healthcare, which is represented in the quality of surgical gloves produced by Japanese suppliers. These gloves are critical for ensuring the safety and hygiene of healthcare professionals and patients during surgical procedures.

In Japan, there are several major surgical glove suppliers, each with its own distinct product line. These suppliers are committed to producing high-quality gloves that meet the stringent Japanese healthcare industry standards.

The Usage of Surgical Gloves

Surgical glove suppliers provide a wide variety of gloves that meet the specific needs of healthcare facilities is one of their primary advantages. This includes gloves of various materials, sizes, and thickness, as well as gloves designed for specific procedures. Suppliers collaborate closely with manufacturers to ensure that their products meet stringent quality standards, and they can offer valuable advice on the best type of gloves to use for a specific application.

They also help to ensure that healthcare facilities have a consistent supply of gloves, which is necessary for infection control protocols to be followed. Suppliers help to ensure that gloves are always available when required and that healthcare workers have access to an adequate supply of gloves at all times by managing inventory levels and delivery schedules. In addition to high-quality gloves, suppliers can provide valuable education and training on proper glove use and maintenance. This can help to ensure that healthcare workers understand the importance of properly using gloves and that they can maintain a high level of hygiene and infection control at all times.

They offer cost-effective solutions to healthcare facilities, assisting in the reduction of overall medical procedure costs. Suppliers can help to reduce the cost per glove by offering competitive pricing and bulk ordering options, which can result in significant cost savings over time.

We have compiled data from Google Maps on the Top surgical gloves suppliers in Tokyo, Japan, and how they have been ranked.

Table showing the Top rated surgical glove suppliers

Suppliers Rating Reviews
Hands Shibuya 4.2  8 030
MEGA Don Quijote Shibuya Honten 4.2 12 467
Yodobashi-Akiba 4.2 23 602
MEGA Don Quijote 4.2 12 467
Royal Home Center Minamisenju 3.9 3 051
Shimojima Bakuroyokoyama Shop 3.8 555
Kohnan Kōtō Fukagawa 3.8 3 164
DCM Inagi Oshitate 3.7 2 368
Don Quijote Shinjuku Tonanguchi 3.7 3 700
Don Quijote Shinjuku Kabukicho 3.6 7 326

Table showing the most reviewed surgical glove suppliers

Suppliers Reviews Ratings
Yodobashi-Akiba 23 602 4.2
MEGA Don Quijote Shibuya Honten 12 467 4.2
MEGA Don Quijote 12 467 4.2
Hands Shibuya 8 030 4.2
Don Quijote Shinjuku Kabukicho 7 326 3.6
Don Quijote Shinjuku Tonanguchi 3 700 3.7
Kohnan Kōtō Fukagawa 3 164 3.8
Royal Home Center Minamisenju 3 051 3.9
Keiyo D2 1 936 3.4
Don Quijote Ikebukuroeki Nishiguchi 1 866 3.5

Reviews and ratings on surgical glove suppliers in Japan are an important tool for the country’s healthcare facilities. Reviews and ratings can assist healthcare facilities in making informed decisions when selecting a supplier for their glove needs by giving quality feedback on the quality of products and services offered by suppliers. Customers have the right to provide feedback to a high-quality service provider. eKomi, a feedback platform, would like to work with the top surgical gloves suppliers in Tokyo, Japan, to help them improve their review scores and attract more customers online.


Surgical glove suppliers are crucial in ensuring that healthcare workers have access to high-quality gloves that meet stringent safety and performance standards. Suppliers help to ensure that medical procedures are performed safely and effectively, without the risk of contamination or infection, by providing a reliable source of gloves. They provide a wide range of gloves, manage inventory levels and delivery schedules, educate and train employees on proper glove use, and can provide cost-effective solutions to healthcare facilities.

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