Zijn Klantenbeoordelingen belangrijk als B2B bedrijf?

Klantenbeoordelingen als B2B bedrijf

Jouw online reputatie is goud waard Het is geen geheim dat reviews en klantenbeoordelingen vandaag de dag een enorm grote rol spelen in de customer-journey van jouw potentiële klanten. Voor veel B2C bedrijven is dit niets nieuws, maar tegenwoordig is dit even waar als het aankomt op B2B bedrijven. Veel B2B bedrijven laten reviews vaak […]

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StarInsights into Panel Beaters in South Africa

Introduction At eKomi we work hard to let you know which companies in South Africa (SA) offer the best product and services, whatever your needs are. This time, as we understand how stressful and expensive getting your car repaired may be, we’ve released a new StarInsights report ranking the best panel beaters in SA. The […]

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A review of boat repair shops in Cape Town, South Africa – StarInsights

Introduction StarInsights report is an ongoing series on a specific sector’s market research data, assessing leading companies and businesses with a decent number of positive user ratings and reviews. Today’s article is based on research into boat repair shops in Cape Town. Industry Overview South Africa has a long and illustrious nautical heritage and a […]

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eKomi StarInsights – Loan Agencies in Cape Town, SA

Introduction Many naturally consider banks the best and perhaps the only place to acquire personal loans when they think about getting one. A wide range of institutions provide people with access to personal loan solutions. However, selecting the ideal lender for your financing requirements can be challenging. How can you choose one from so many? […]

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A review of Cycling Stores in Cape Town – eKomi StarInsights

StarInsights Bicycle Store

Introduction Deciding what shop to call home or the best is as essential, or even more important, than whatever you’re buying. Usually, poor customer service, disorganized service, warranty issues, or insufficient stock can quickly turn a regular purchase into a nightmare. Whether you want to take occasional pleasure rides, commute daily, or ride off-road, you […]

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