eKomi StarInsights: The Global Insurance Industry

This edition of eKomi StarInsights will focus on the future of the Global Insurance Industry, while also concentrating on the effects that technological innovations will have on the industry.

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eKomi Starinsights: United Kingdom’s Bullion Industry

eKomi: The Feedback Company

The decision of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union left many in distress regarding their savings, the situation of the Pound and the value of the Gold. This edition of eKomi StarInsights explores what effects Brexit had so far over the British Bullion and Gold Industry and how the sector benefits from collecting and displaying ratings and reviews.

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eKomi StarInsights: Intensifying Global Competition in Retail

Spain has one of the biggest share of footwear production compared to countries in the European union. eKomi StarInsights: Spain’s Footwear Industry explores the current development and changes in the sector and how companies within the industry are benefiting by integrating ratings and reviews.

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