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eKomi | StarInsights | Ein Highlight der besten Babyläden in Mailand, Italien

StarInsights Baby Store Milan

StarInsights Baby Store Milan

A Highlight of the Best Baby Stores in Milan, Italy

From a cot to a baby bottle, the items, and apparatus needed for a baby are plentiful. In general, not all shops carry an extensive range of baby articles. Some may specialise in clothing while others solely focus on feeding accessories, and there are ones that combine all categories. This is why procuring all-around baby supplies requires finding the right stores.

A StarInsights View Into Milan-Based Baby Stores 

StarInsights is an editorial segment at eKomi that reports on business leaders in their respective industries using their Google Bewertungen und Bewertungen count as metrics. The aim of StarInsight is to provide businesses with awareness of their profile positioning on their Google My Business. In this StarInsights piece, we have curated a list of the Beste stores operating in Milan, Italy. 

Milan is one of the places with the best baby stores in the world. Baby stores in Milan are very common and easy to find.  Overall, there are three main classes of baby stores in Milan: department stores, boutiques, and speciality stores. 

After an extensive exploration of baby stores in Milan on Google Maps, we found over 30 baby shops retailing in Milan as of 25 October 2022. We focused on the ones that trade more than one baby product category. Thereafter, we picked the top 10 based on the highest number of reviews and ratings on their Google My Business profiles. The results were obtained as follows: 

Best Rated Baby Stores in Milan, Italy 

Store name


Anzahl der Bewertungen 

Apple Pie – the American Baby Boutique 4.8 87
Splendor Baby New Life 4.8 76
Negozio di Giocattoli I Giochi di Mastro Ciliegia Moulin Roty Milano 4.7 16
Negozio Chicco Vigevano 4.4 16
Bimbo Milano 4.1 35
Salina 4.0 213
Negozio Chicco Milan (Via Dante angolo) 4.0 49
Negozio Chicco Milano, Corso Vercelli (Largo Settimio Severo) 4.0 32
Outlet Chicco Casorate Primo (Via Capo di Vico) 3.9 90
Imaginarium 3.9 21

Most Reviewed Baby Stores in Milan, Italy 

Store name

Anzahl der Bewertungen 


Salina 213 4.0
Negozio Chicco Milano Corso Buenos Aires 100 3.3
Outlet Chicco Casorate Primo (Via Capo di Vico) 90 3.9
Apple Pie – the American Baby Boutique 87 4.8
Splendor Baby New Life 76 4.8
Negozio Chicco Milano (Via Dante angolo) 49 4.0
Bimbo Milano 35 4.1
Negozio Chicco Milano, Corso Vercelli (Largo Settimio Severo) 32 4.0
Imaginarium 21 3.9
Negozio di Giocattoli I Giochi di Mastro Ciliegia Moulin Roty Milano 16 4.7


The eKomi Commentary on Milan-Based Baby Stores Customer Feedback 

According to our perusal, Milan-based baby stores with varied ranges of products are not so many. Half of the stores we found are under the franchise Chicco. Nevertheless, the ratings and reviews of each store featured on our list are worth examining. 

Apple Pie and Splendor Baby New Life are the bestbewertet baby stores featuring 4.8-star on Google. Both stores possess a volume of reviews that are close to each other. Apple Pie amassed 87 reviews, while Splendor Baby New Life has collected 76 reviews. The company eKomi congratulates the top achievers and the rest of the entries, of which most have 4.0-star rating and above. 

With respect to the number of reviews, Salina was found to be the store with the highest number with the outstanding 213 reviews next to its 4.0-star rating. The runner-up on this list, Negozio Chicco Milano Corso Buenos Aires, has obtained 100 reviews with a 3.3-star rating. Following this, in third place is Outlet Chicco Casorate Primo with 90 reviews and a 3.9-star rating annexed to it. The rest of the listings on this chart feature between 87 and 16 reviews. 

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