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A Market Review of Driving Schools in Pretoria, South Africa 

It’s one thing to own a car and another to know how to drive it. Anyone can learn to drive, and it all depends on learning from the Beste driving schools. There is a multitude of accredited driving schools in Südafrika (SA), along with their varying elements. Therefore, in this StarInsights report, we examine the top driving schools in Pretoria: our criteria include local Bewertungen, Geschichte, Geschäftsstandards, Bewertungen, satisfaction, trust, price, and trading excellence.

An Overview of Driving Schools

Without a doubt, the use of cars is increasing on a daily basis. At the same time, driving schools are springing up all over the place to cater to the demand of drivers.  Driving schools are institutions that offer courses and programmes. The primary aim of such institutions is to provide classes and programmes to teach the fundamentals of driving.

The value of Driving Schools is that they are the ones who promote driver culture. Many people believe that they can “skip” driving school and nothing will happen, but in reality, the skills, and knowledge acquired in a driving school are acquired through a process in which the instructors play an important role.

Contrary to popular belief, a driving school teaches students not only how to drive but also how to develop positive habits and attitudes toward coexistence, quality of life, and road safety in order to meet society’s needs for road awareness.

The Impact of Reviews on Driving Schools

Generally, within any given country, driving schools are regulated by legal frameworks and are usually accredited based on a certain type of law. For instance in SA, according to National Road, Traffic Act, of 1996, a legally recognized driving instructor or driving school must be registered with the provincial department of transport. Driving instructors are required to have a certificate specifying the grade or the class of vehicle in which they are qualified to instruct learners.

Typically, most people only consider this notion and pricing, but there’s actually more to what meets the eye. While scouting for the best driving schools in Pretoria, you should look into more than just the brand names. Foremost, there are several factors to consider before signing up with any driving school near you or a location. Certainly, this is most important for anyone in order not to end up training in a none approved and recognized institution.

Several studies and surveys have demonstrated the importance of customer reviews. According to data, almost all potential new aspiring drivers, patients, clients, and shoppers rely heavily on reviews when deciding where to do business. According to BrightLocal’s “Local Consumer Rezension “LCR” Survey 2020,” 87% of consumers read reviews for local businesses.

Almost all customers look for recommendations and testimonials before selecting a driving school. They do this because it helps them build trust and weed out companies with bad reputations. Based on this, we have curated a list of the am meisten rezensiert and highest-rated driving schools in Pretoria using publicly posted reviews and evaluations given by clients via Google.

Most reviewed driving school in Pretoria

Fahrschule Anzahl der Bewertungen Bewertung
ANE K53 Academy of Driving 300 4.9
Smiles Driving Academy 248 4.9
Olympic Academy of Driving 155 4.8
Moot Driving School 124 4.9
Thupello Driving Academy 113 4.7
Drivio Hatfield 106 4.3
522 driving school 87 4.6
Kasong Driving School 72 5.0
Bonus Driving School 44 4.8

At the top of our list with 300 reviews, ANE K53 Academy of Driving is hailed for their proper customer service, easy learning process, and time conscious. Next on the list with 248 reviews is Smiles Driving Academy, known for its excellent workmanship and great customer service.  Olympic Academy of Driving sits in third place with 155 reviews and is mostly praised for its professional tutors, and affordable prices. At the bottom of our list, Bonus Driving School has only 44 reviews, with its most prominent one being a compliment on their professionalism.

Additionally, ratings are also critical to the Ruf of a driving school because they work with reviews to increase customer satisfaction and sales in the long run. eKomi understands the importance of both and has completed its StarInsights rating by listing the top ten driving schools in Pretoria.

Top-rated driving school in Pretoria

Fahrschule Bewertung Anzahl der Bewertungen
Kasong Driving School 5.0 72
Coskey’s Driving School 5.0 16
ANE K53 Academy of Driving 4.9 300
Smiles Driving Academy 4.9 248
Moot Driving School 4.9 124
Olympic Academy of Driving 4.8 155
Bonus Driving School 4.8 44
Drivetech Driving School K53 | Pretoria & Centurion 4.8 31
Thupello Driving Academy 4.7 113

In terms of ratings, Kasong Driving School and Coskey’s Driving School are inseparable as they are both tied in the first spot with a perfect score of 5.0 stars, making them the highest rate driving schools in Pretoria. Nonetheless, the majority of the listed driving schools also have noticeably high ratings, averaging 4. Stars. They only differ when it comes to the number of reviews. Therefore, it’s important to understand that a high rating, should be accompanied by a large sample of reviews, as this is usually a desirable feature when it comes to reputation management.

eKomi’s Recommendations to Driving Schools

eKomi would like to thank the owners of the top listed driving institutions in both categories for their excellent service and encourage them to contact trustworthy Rezension Körper mögen eKomi, die Wettbewerber in der Branche nutzen, um ihre digitale Präsenz mit effizienten Teams zur Generierung organischer Bewertungen zu verbessern. 

Credibility counts for everything. There are currently a vast number of unregistered driving schools offering training while using vehicles without dual controls or qualified instructors. Trying to cut corners is a practice that may well end badly. The eKomi team provides all driving schools with customer satisfaction assessments, along with kostenlose Beratung um das Niveau des Geschäftswachstums zu bestimmen und die Umsatzentwicklung zu beschleunigen und online Fußabdruck.


With the massive amount of customer reviews posted online on a daily basis, this feedback is regarded as equally important as word-of-mouth recommendations. This is why the vast majority of customers read online reviews before making purchasing decisions. Nonetheless, these reviews not only influence consumer decisions, but also have the potential to improve a company’s online reputation and credibility.

Check out eKomi’s blog in three months to follow up on our assessment of which driving schools in Pretoria will be the best and most rated.


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