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An Evaluation of the Best Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons in Johannesburg, South Africa

An Evaluation of the Best Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons in Johannesburg, South Africa

Plastic surgery is a broad medical field that includes cosmetic surgery for exclusively aesthetic reasons and reconstructive surgery which addresses the restoration, or repair of injured, damaged or deformed tissues. The latter encompasses a variety of procedures such as burn reconstruction, cleft lip and palate correction, breast reconstruction after cancer treatment and removal of benign tumours. 

Today, plastic surgery is commonly synonymous with cosmetic surgery due to its increased popularity over recent years. The desire for cosmetic surgery stems from different places such as social media. 

With the massive growth of social media, it has become easy to develop an unease about one’s physical features that may not seem to fit the trendy narrative portrayed on the internet.  Many people decide to alter their appearance to fix what they deem unattractive in comparison to what is considered beautiful by the mass. 

Moreover, with people having more discretionary income, it has become commonplace to seek the services of plastic surgeons to make a change to the body. Cosmetic surgery procedures include breast augmentation, liposuction, body lifts such as tummy tucks, male-specific surgery, and aesthetic genital plastic surgery.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinics in Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg is a cosmopolitan city that offers a wide range of plastic surgery practices. We searched Google Maps to unveil the Beste plastic surgeons in Johannesburg with the most talked about service as of 02 November 2022. Our screening yielded 50+ results that we sorted according to Bewertungen und Bewertungen. Herein, we present our findings:

Best Rated Plastic Surgeons in Johannesburg, South Africa

Üben Bewertung Anzahl der Bewertungen 
Dr C Norval – Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon 5.0 6
Dr Marisse Venter 5.0 2
Walton R J 5.0 3
The Forever Institute 5.0 6
Dr Gareth Tjasink 5.0 20
Rhinoplasty Johannesburg | Dr Brian Wolfowitz 5.0 1
Dr Mitchell Surgeon 5.0 61
Serrurier L C J 5.0 4
Dr. Natalia Novikova 5.0 2
Dr Deon Weyers 5.0 11

Most reviewed Plastic Surgeons in Johannesburg, South Africa

Üben Anzahl der Bewertungen  Bewertung 
Dr Mitchell Surgeon 61 5.0
CS Plastic Surgery: Dr Chrysis Sofianos 52 4.9
Dr Braun – Plastic Surgery Johannesburg 34 4.4
Dr Gabriel Doucas 33 4.4
Papillon Aesthetics, Plastic Surgery (Dr N. Chauke Malinga) 23 4.6
Dr Gareth Tjasink 20 5.0
Dr. Mark Steinmann 20 4.2
Dr Dimitri Liakos 19 4.6
Dr Craig Shaw 18 3.9
Mr. Peter Scott 16 4.0

eKomi-Kommentare zu den Ergebnissen

The majority of the best-rated plastic surgeons have the highest star rating of 5.0, but a relatively reviews count. Dr. Mitchell Surgeon with 61 reviews is the top competitor in this list. The runner-up is Dr Gareth Tjasink with 20 reviews, while the rest of the practices possess between 11 and 1 Rezension. It may be high time for these clinics to do better in collecting their customers’ reviews. 

The top achiever of the most-reviewed surgeons is Dr Mitchell Surgeon (5.0-star) as previously mentioned with 61 reviews. CS Plastic Surgery: Dr Chrysis Sofianos (4.9-star) follows with 52 reviews. Other surgeons worth mentioning are Dr Braun – Plastic Surgery Johannesburg (4.4-star) and Dr Gabriel Doucas (4.4-star) with 34 and 33 reviews, respectively. The other clinics have a good rating for the most part, however, fewer reviews between 23 and 16. 

In general, plastic surgeons in Johannesburg have good ratings but a small bulk of reviews. Reviews are the social proof that any business should arm itself with to entice customers to choose its services. eKomi urges all Johannesburg plastic surgeons to invest in their Kundenbewertung and see the results speak for themselves. 

The eKomi Recommendations

Overall, eKomi commends Johannesburg plastic surgeons for making it to our report and encourages them to look into collecting reviews as they transact with their clientèle. We offer a software-as-a-service (SaaS) to help you rocket your review count and reach new heights in your digital marketing.  Our systems are integrated with Google Seller Ratings to boost your visibility and ranking on Google. This means more traffic and a greater conversion rate. 

Book a free consultation with us to discuss your business needs, so we can offer you a bespoke solution that fits your goals. Contact us today. 

Stay Informed 

In three months, we will review the best plastic surgery practices in Johannesburg to see which leads the charts. Stay tuned to the eKomi blog to track your practice. 

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