Bewertung der Top-Point-of-Sale-Systemanbieter in Kapstadt

POS System Providers in Cape Town

Bewertung der Top-Point-of-Sale-Systemanbieter in Kapstadt

How do you select the finest POS system for your requirements?

Whether you’re wanting to replace your current Point of Sale (POS) software or enhance it. Modern point-of-sale (POS) systems are adaptable and provide a wealth of practical functions. You can complete sales more quickly and do less busy labour to keep business books organized. In this StarInsights report, we assess the am meisten rezensiert und bestbewertet POS systems based on customer Rückmeldung. Unsere Ergebnisse basieren größtenteils auf öffentlich verfügbaren Daten von Google Seller Bewertungen und sein aggregiertes Rating und Rezension System.


The time when companies employed two-tonne cash registers to record daily transactions is long gone. Most new firms may be familiar with POS (point of sale) systems. But as the years have passed, so too will the antiquated POS software we once used. The point of sale system is undergoing significant modifications because of the ongoing development of modern technologies. Now, for retailers, having a speedy cashing system is imperative. It ensures lesser waiting time for Kunden and fast sales for them. It is where the power of new-age technology comes to play in the form of a handy POS system.

How to Select the Top Notch POS System Provider

Individual shoppers have different buying journeys. Some individuals enter an establishment after seeing a fantastic product on display. Others may find the business while doing online research or maybe through a customer referral by friends. Regardless of how customers find a business, all prospects who decide to buy end up in the point of sale (POS system).

This is the point where the purchase is completed and the hand-over of the products to the customer. As a result, giving customers a positive experience is key because the point of sale is obviously a crucial part of any purchasing process.

Today, there are many different types of POS systems on the market. This makes it even more important for businesses to do research before making a purchase decision. It’s crucial to evaluate Bewertungen of the POS software solutions you’re considering after you’ve reduced your selections. You can learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each software solution by reading evaluations from other companies. You can browse for reputable software review sites and reviews of products on Google to get started.

eKomi’s Assessment of POS System Providers in Cape Town

In light of this context, we looked at online customer reviews. Based on the POS systems organisation’s official ratings and reviews as of January 11, 2023, the data used was taken from Google My Business Profile. Das primary goal was to assess the degree of Kundenerfahrung and service provided using feedback from clients of POS Systems providers in Kapstadt.

Most reviewed Point of Sale (POS) Systems Providers 

POS System Provider Webseite Bewertungen Bewertung
GAAP POS 38 4.0
Ozow (PTY) LTD 33 3.8
Elektrum 27 4.9
EasyAs! Software 26 4.9
Vectron Systems 25 4.2
Spinnaker Software / Arch Software 23 4.6
TimeWorks Point of Sale (Pty) ltd 7 4.7
POS-SA 7 4.3
Platinum POS 7 2.9
Humble POS 6 4.0
TallOrder Point of Sale 6 3.5

Top-rated Point of Sale (POS) Systems Providers 

POS Software Provider Webseite Bewertung Bewertungen
Odyssey Cape Town 5.0 4
Power Pos 5.0 4
Elektrum 4.9 27
EasyAs! Software 4.9 26
TimeWorks Point of Sale (Pty) ltd 4.7 7
Ankerdata (Pty) Ltd 4.7 3
Pilot Software 4.7 3
Spinnaker Software / Arch Software 4.6 23
POS-SA 4.3 7
Vectron Systems 4.2 25
GAAP POS 4.0 38

With 38 reviews, GAAP POS is the leading point of sale software provider and 4.0-star rating. It is praised for having available Tech support, ease of use and being an overall reliable POS system.  Ozow (Pty) Ltd is ranked second on our list with 33 reviews, and described as easy to use, fast and secure. Electrum is ranked third with 27 reviews that praise its effective work ethic and responsive support. Most reviews for each fintech company’s services, personnel, and technical assistance were favourable. In terms of ratings, on top of our list is a tie between Odyssey Cape Town and Power POS both with 5.0 stars.

There are several excellent POS systems available. This report looked into numerous possibilities before reducing the top selection to the top ten. Each product on this list excels at the fundamentals and goes above and beyond to provide capabilities that are specifically suited to particular business needs. The CEOs of these companies deserve commendation as well for their thoughtful solutions to POS-related issues. Their creative pursuit of excellence inspired a constant creative drive to continue surprising and delighting their customers.

Unsere Empfehlungen & Fazit

The success of a business depends on the POS software you use. These contemporary systems offer much more than just payment processing. They can be used to centralize bookkeeping, integrate internet business with offline sales, and sync inventory with registers. Customers can pay in a variety of ways, making things simple for them. 

Better POS continue to emerge because of the digital sector’s increased growth. Given the significance of customer reviews, it makes sense for POS system companies to use them into their marketing strategy. They can boost your company’s image, encourage leads, and improve your brand Ruf. If POS companies haven’t been taking Kundenbewertung, they should start doing so right away. These reviews are effective tools that will ultimately be useful to your company.

Zahlreiche Unternehmen aus zahlreichen Branchen haben davon profitiert eKomis good evaluations and high search engine rankings, which have helped most company’s bottom line.

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