Top 10 Unterkunftsmöglichkeiten in Swasiland

Top 10 Accommodation Options in Swaziland

Top 10 Unterkunftsmöglichkeiten in Swasiland

You are planning a holiday and have repeatedly had beach holidays, you know there must be something different from lying on the beach year after year. If you feel like a soul-cation where natural beauty and a serene atmosphere are on the top of your list, then Swaziland is for you, Swaziland might be located inland, tugged in by vibrant South-Africa on the south and exotic Mozambique on the east it is definitely not your typical beach holiday destination, but it has the natural beauty we know from our childhood fairy tales. Here, memorable impressions are sealed. 

Eswatini (formerly known as Swaziland), boasts the youngest crowned monarch in the world, as well as the longest reigning monarch. When in Eswatini, get carried away by the Zulu cultural dance and song entertainment, undoubtedly a must-do. The Swati folk can easily qualify as some of the world’s Beste hosts for their genuine and umbrella kind of hospitality. Have you ever overnighted in a beehive, this experience allows the oneness to mother nature, awakening something within that was asleep. Tenting would be another option, followed by cottages, luxury accommodations as well as self-catering options and hotels. Weather in the city or country, one is always besotted with the beautiful landscapes of the country.

Just be and let Swaziland do the rest, awakening all senses

The Game Reserves in Eswatini counts among the most untouched, here the white and black rhino are still to be found in the wild unlike in many neighbouring countries. It is one of the smallest countries in Southern Africa, with a tapestry of the undeniable beauty to include opulent rivers that run from east to west, boundless mountainy distances and the magical spaces of timeless nothing. Here, horse riding affirm a horse back rider’s dream come true. Other activities include golf; quad biking; hiking. At the end of the Eswatini experience, you are promised to leave a changed person.

Top 10 Accommodation in Swaziland

Firmen Bewertung Anzahl von Bewertungen
Liz’ Cottage 4,9 7
Mogi Boutique Hotel 4,6 115
Mountain Beauty 4,5 13
The Royal Villas 4,3 171
Sibebe Erholungsort 4,2 109
Happy Valley Hotel 4,0 383
Hawane Resort 3,6 72
Maloloja Nature Reserve 3,6 5
Timbali Lodge 3,4 38
Run N Fire Swazilan 3,0 33

Top 10 Accommodation in Swaziland

Firmen Bewertung Anzahl der Bewertungen
Happy Valley Hotel 383 4,0
The Royal Villas 171 4,3
Mogi Boutique Hotel  115 4,6
Sibebe Resort 109 4,2
Hawane Resort 72 3,6
Timbali Lodge 38 3,4
Run N Fire 33 3,0
Mountain Beauty 13 4,5
Liz’ Cottage 7 4,9
Maloloja 5 3,6


In order to present you with the above information, data was gathered from the official Google My Business Bewertungen for January 16. 2023. Out of the top ten best-rated Accommodations in Swaziland, with Liz’ Cottage in the first place with a 4,9 rating score and Mogi Boutique Hotel in second place with a 4,6 rating in third place comes Mountain Beauty with a 4,5 rating these are the 3 bestbewertet properties with the highest rating at 4.9-star rating out of 5 stars. In a sector such as Tourism it is surely not easy to remain on top where competition is certain to be on the rise, congratulations to these three top-rated properties.

On the reviews section, Happy Valley Hotel has the ball in their court with an impressive 383 hard-earned reviews followed by, The Royal Villas with a remarkable 171 reviews and the third place was taken by Mogi Boutique Hotel with 115 reviews. These properties made it to the top 3 spots. Congratulations to them for earning positive ratings and welcoming reviews.

The most-reviewed establishments have between 383 and 5 reviews next to their end-of-the-spectrum ratings, spanning from 3,0 to 4.9-star ratings. This kind of feedback can be used to prevent unnecessary setbacks due to lack of customer satisfaction information. Ratings and reviews provide the opportunity to fix customer issues before it is too late to do so. Such Kundenbewertung is absolutely brilliant in this way one is kept more informed. We thank the owners of the listed top ten accommodation options in both categories for their excellent service and encourage them to contact an organization like eKomi, which can improve their digital presence with efficient teams that generate organic reviews. The eKomi team provides numerous businesses with customer satisfaction assessments, along with free consultation to determine the level of business growth and a literate sales development and online Fußabdruck.

Auf dem Laufenden halten 

In three months, we will re-evaluate the holiday accommodation market in Eswatini, stay tuned to know how your services are received by your guests. 

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