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Top 10 Ferienunterkünfte in Oudtshoorn, Westkap

Top 10 Holiday Accommodations In Oudtshoorn, Western Cape

Top 10 Ferienunterkünfte in Oudtshoorn, Westkap

Top 10 Ferienunterkünfte in Oudtshoorn, Westkap

Oudtshoorn: Imagine the night sky in this semidesert hostess, an indigo blue dome showcasing an abundance of shooting stars. The Karoo invites you to explore its dramatic landscapes, to explore the Khoi-San rock paintings dated back to a time when man was sheltered in caves and when history was written on rocks inside and outside their rocky chambers.

You will find that this area comes across fragile in all its uniqueness. Judging by the empty dry spaces populated with mere patchy sized succulent plants sighted many kilometres apart whilst on the distant shimmering roads in the quiet of the Karoo.

A Brief Review of Oudtshoorn

Melt in with this desert like habitat and be sure to scope some wild animals such as the antelope, including the Karoo’s prominent aloe vera plants. At least 40% of the plant species are to be found nowhere else in the world. The Karoo Biome is at the same time one of the world’s most threatened plant habitats. 

Oudtshoorn couched at the foot of the Swartberg mountains was once upon a time the home to the indigenous people of Southern Africa, the Khoi-San people. The respect for nature is nicely illustrated in the rock paintings found in the area, demonstrating the dependence for mankind’s survival. The word Karoo derives from the Khoi language, meaning “land of thirst.” 

Savouring vast open spaces and encounter the world’s biggest wild bird still roaming wildly

Have you ever seen an ostrich in real life? This wide-eyed land bird can cover 5 metres in one stride and can sprint at over 70 kilometres per hour. Unlike other birds, the ostrich life span can stretch to over 40 years, remarkable right? Wild ostriches can only be found in Africa. Discover the many ostrich farms in the area to find out more about this gigantic bird.

Learn about the valued lifestyle of the indigenous people in the caves they once dwelled or visit an olive farm nearby, go port Wein tasting, or have a picnic at the waterfalls in the silence of the arid semidesert. The Karoo is globally known to be the host of the annual Afrikaburn festival, an event held in the desert involving humongous fires and a variety of shows and DJs’ from all around the world, plus much more. If you appreciate the silence and want to allow nature to speak to you, then this getaway is for you.

eKomi’s Review of Holiday Accommodations

We have hand-picked some of the finest accommodation options for you in Oudtshoorn, varying from homey guest houses, to a long-standing hotel, to an Inn, to country lodges and a farm setup accommodation and lastly the only backpacker in the area.

Top 10 Rated Holiday Accommodation in Oudtshoorn, South Africa

Accommodations Bewertungen Anzahl von Bewertungen
Black Rose Guest House 5.0 7
B&B On Church 4.9 17
Rosenhof Country House 4.8 82
Raw Karoo Guest House 4.7 70
Mooi Plaas Guest House 4.6 213
De Oude Meul Country Lodge 4.5 361
Wilgewandel Holiday Farm & Restaurant 4.4 1,471
Queens Hotel 4.2 298

Top 10 Reviewed Holiday Accommodation in Oudtshoorn, South Africa

Accommodation Anzahl der Bewertungen Bewertungen
Wilgewandel Holiday Farm & Restaurant 1417 4,4
Oudtshoorn Inn 503 3,6
De Oude Meul Country Lodge 361 4,5
Queens Hotel 298 4,2
Mooi Plaas Guest House 213 4,6
Rosenhof Country House 82 4,8
Oasis Shanti Backpackers 73 4,1
Raw Karoo Guest House 70 4,7

Kommentar zu den Ergebnissen

Wir bei eKomi gesammelte Daten vom Beamten Google My Business Bewertungen for January 25. 2023 In order to present you with the above tables, the Top 10 Accommodation Options in Oudtshoorn. The winner of this category is Black Rose Guest House rated on a high note full score 5.0-star-rating followed by B&B On Church auf dem 2. Platz und erzielte eine Wertung von 4,9, Rosenhof Country House took the last spot with a 4,8 rating. Die höchste Errungenschaft wäre eine 5-Sterne-Bewertung. Wir von eKomi gratulieren diesen 3 bestbewertet Eigenschaften. Gut gemacht!

Wilgewandel Holiday Farm & Restaurant is the winning establishment in the reviews’ category with a clear win at 1,471 reviews, the 2nd runner-up is Oudtshoorn Inn with a remarkable 503 reviews and De Oude Meul Country Lodge landed 3rd place with 361 reviews. Although there can only be one winner, all these establishments did pretty well. Congratulations to them, all. The guests reviews are essential and at the same time indeed valuable to ensure global recognition partnered by successful business.

Weg nach vorn

Um es nun zusammenzufassen: das am meisten rezensiert establishments scored between 1,471 und 2 reviews, on the rating side we gathered the high and lows ranging from 5.0 to 3,6-star ratings. Such customer Rückmeldung could definitely better contribute to the successes of these establishments, which is absolutely brilliant having informed control over the business in this way one knows exactly what Kunden expectations are and therefore knows what to do in any given situations.

Wir danken den Eigentümern der in beiden Kategorien aufgeführten Top-Ten-Immobilien für ihren hervorragenden Service und ermutigen sie, sich an eine Organisation wie diese zu wenden eKomi, die ihre digitale Präsenz mit effizienten Teams verbessern können, die organische Bewertungen generieren. Das eKomi-Team stellt zahlreichen Unternehmen Kundenzufriedenheitsbewertungen zur Verfügung kostenlose Beratung um das Niveau des Geschäftswachstums und eine kompetente Umsatzentwicklung zu bestimmen und an online Fußabdruck. Es geht darum, Ihnen bei der Kultivierung zu helfen Beste Ergebnisse möglich.



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