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An Assessment of the Boat Dealer Industry in Toronto, Canada

Boats are a big investment, so it is important to feel confident about your own dealer and service section. However, the decision doesn’t come easy as there are various factors to consider when picking a boat dealership. Today’s article is based on research into the boat dealer industry in Toronto with a decent number of favourable user Bewertungen und Bewertungen.

Overview Boat Dealer Industry in Toronto, Canada

Entsprechend CTV News, the Post COVID-19 pandemic created a 26℅ rise in boat sales from the previous years. The survey also stated that boat sellers were to either run out of stock, or supply would be depleted up to 80℅. Thus, it is quite safe to say that the boat-selling market in Ontario is a fast-selling, highly aggressive one. 

Every industry deals with consumers on a daily basis, and the boat selling industry is no exception. As a result, the report has evaluated the top boat sellers in Toronto, and has produced results through an in-depth study taken on Google Maps. Below are tables that outline the best and most rated boat dealers in Toronto.

Most reviewed boat dealers in Toronto

Name of Companies

Anzahl der Bewertungen

Dewildt Marine and Power Sports 244
Silver Lake Marine 226
The Rigging Shoppe 158
Legend Boats Barrie 145
Fogh Marine 141
TorontoPWC INC 134
Don Hyde Marine 72
Toronto Yacht Sales by United City Yachts 66
CO2 Inflatable Boats & Service Oakville & Midland 55
City Marine 54

Best Rated Boat Dealers in Toronto

Name des Händlers

Anzahl der Bewertungen

Navigator Inflatable Boats 5.0
Pat Sturgeon Yachts 5.0
Anchor Yacht Sales Ltd 5.0
Swans Yacht Sales 5.0
TorontoPWC INC 4.9
Port Whitby Marine Supplies 4.9
Eastmar Marine Inc. 4.9
Wiggers Custom Yachts Ltd 4.9
Discount R V & Marine 4.8
South Shore Yachts 4.8

Based on the data given under the most rated table, Dewildt Marine and PowerSports was the most rated boat dealing company with a total of 244 reviews. Second place was taken by Silverplace Marine with 226 reviews, followed by The Rigging Shoppe with 158 reviews. EKomi, a distinct platform whose vision is to help businesses grow by injecting positive reviews to boost organic traffic and business purchases, states that these reviews are not nearly adequate, especially for a state that almost ran out of boats to sell during the pandemic.

EKomi also consulted data based on the top ten best-rated dealers and the results state that Navigator Inflatable Boats, Pat Sturgeon Yachts, Anchor Yacht Sales Ltd, and Swans Yacht Sales have very good ratings of 5.0. The lowest rated of the ten dealers was held by both Discount R V & Marine, and South Shore Yachts, with a promising 4.8 rating. eKomi is pleased to see that the industry prioritizes high ratings, and congratulates the CEOs of all the best rated and most reviewed, but it also urges dealers to work with rating agencies such as eKomi, to improve on customer reviews and reflect the true ratings of the company, on data given by the highest possible number of customers. 

Bewertungen und Rezensionen haben heute einen großen Einfluss auf die Einkäufe von Verbrauchern und sind ein Leitfaden, um potenzielle Verbraucher über die Art und Qualität der von ihnen angebotenen Dienstleistungen zu informieren. Bewertungen und Bewertungen funktionieren, indem sie als Empfehlungen fungieren, und positive Bewertungen wirken als positive Empfehlungen, die am Ende des Geschäftsjahres durch die Anwendung von Rezension und Branding-Techniken von Plattformen wie eKomi führen zu einem Umsatzwachstum.

eKomi will be conducting another appraisal in the next three months and expects all businesses in the boat dealing industry to have a mark-up in reviews. eKomi bietet auch eine kostenlose Beratung, um zu diskutieren, wie sie das Unternehmen durch positive Bewertungen verbessern können. 

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