StarInsights-Bericht: Eine Überprüfung von Hypothekenmaklern in den Vereinigten Staaten

Mortgage Lawyer Firm USA


In the United States of America, (USA) buying a house can be stressful and often confusing, especially if you plan to finance most of your purchase with a mortgage. Unfortunately, when it comes to the mortgage application process, there’s a lot to learn, and it can be challenging to make a choice for a mortgage broker.

We have, therefore, compiled a list of the bestbewertet and reviewed mortgage lenders to help you streamline the process and find a lender that Beste suits your needs. This StarInsights report by eKomi is drafted to gain an understanding into the performance of these companies in comparison with one another. 

This report is purely independent of the company’s opinions. They are sourced from the aggregate of personal opinions that the users of this service have given over time. 


Mortgage brokers initiate negotiate and process both residential and commercial properties for their clients. They are integral to the mortgage system as they always find the most suitable mortgage deal for their customers out of the multiple options that they would have personally collated too. This helps clients to save time, which as a result helps them save money as well.

The flexibility of the mortgage broker to fit the demands of the clients sometimes goes unnoticed because their skills are hardly publicized by their users. Users are meant to give honest Bewertungen for the services which they enjoy in the course of transacting with a  mortgage broker. 

These reviews are seen by other people, who then act on this advice to initiate transactions with the broker whose reviews they are most satisfied with. These reviews are not only a customer’s opinion of the mortgage service rendered, it is also a show of the depth of trust or distrust that a customer has in the brand who they had patronized.

Best-rated Mortgage Brokers in the USA




Vantage Mortgage Brokers 5.0 257
PierPoint Mortgage Muskegon 5.0 205
Lending Bankers Mortgage 5.0 136
Charlie Badida, Mortgage Lender NMLS #278307 5.0 135
Brian Martucci, Mortgage Lender 5.0 130
Fortis Mortgage, LLC 5,0 91
Maritime Mortgage Corp 5.0 72
A&M Mortgage Group: Larry Penilla 5.0 64
РiеrPоint Mоrtgаgе Seattle, WA 5.0 39
United First Mortgage – Jillian Brady 5.0 36

Most-rated Mortgage Brokers in the USA  




Vantage Mortgage Brokers 257 5.0
United Wholesale Lending 237 4.8
PierPoint Mortgage Muskegon 205 5.0
Desert Canyon Mortgage Company, LLC 145 4.9
Lending Bankers Mortgage 136 5.0
Charlie Badida, Mortgage Lender NMLS #278307 135 5.0
Brian Martucci, Mortgage Lender 130 5.0
Fortis Mortgage, LLC 91 5.0
Maritime Mortgage Corp 72 5.0
A&M Mortgage Group: Larry Penilla 64 5.0

Congratulations to the best-rated mortgage brands. They had secured the spot by starting and completing the most convenient mortgage plans for their clientèle. Vantage Mortgage Brokers come first with 257 reviews and a 5.0-star rating. This is followed by PierPoint Mortgage Muskegon which had the same star rating but with 205 reviews. Lending Bankers Mortgage completes the top three list with a 5.0-star rating and 136 reviews.

The CEOs of these companies equally deserve accolades for their well-thought solutions to mortgage issues in America. Their innovative drive towards excellence resulted in a constant creative push to satisfy their clients at all times. The mortgage market is wide and open-ended. However, they have not only been able to satisfy a huge chunk of this number, but have also done so with superb perfection.

eKomi provides a system that helps mortgage brokers receive honest and convincing reviews about their services within the areas they cover. Whether the broker operates a physical store or can get clients via their website, the reviews can still work. 


As services are provided to house searchers, they also give reviews to brokers who find them the right property that matches their choices. As a result, brokers’ positions on the table change per time. This is one of the biggest secrets to succeeding as a mortgage broker. Get your reviews, offer great services, and get even more reviews, we bet you’d be topping the tables in no time.

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