A StarInsights Review of Towing Services in Cape Town, South Africa


The StarInsights report is a continuous sectoral market research data that ranks the leading companies and businesses with significant positive ratings and user reviews. Today’s article is based on examining Towing Services in Cape Town.

Despite all efforts, accidents and breakdowns do unfortunately occur. As a vehicle owner, the stress of an unanticipated emergency mid-delivery is the last thing you need. Therefore, we have compiled a list of top-rated and top-reviewed Towing services in Cape Town to help you to identify the best towing service provider when the need arises.

Many of the best car insurance companies in the industry offer roadside assistance as cheap add-ons to insurance policies. However, we have chosen to review independent towing companies that are not insurance-related.

Industry Overview

Towing is a retail service offered by the auto-mobile industry for the removal and short-term storage of vehicles; however, it does not cover the dismantling, disposal, or storage of accessories for non-operational vehicles. 

Usually, the vehicle is towed by two or more tow trucks. However, when your car is involved in a challenging circumstance on the road, like an accident or breakdown, calling a tow truck is the best course of action. This will guarantee that your car is protected by insurance and is safe to drive. To ensure safe transportation, you should also utilize a towing service if you own several cars or motorcycles.

Towing services are not only reliable, but they also provide skilled aid in a variety of situations. As a result, clients must understand how they operate. Furthermore, customers frequently base their opinions of a company on online reviews and evaluations.  

According to eKomi, it is crucial for business growth. We have therefore used Google Maps’ customer ratings and reviews to get the best ratings on Towing Services in Cape Town. Here are the results:

Top-rated Towing Service

Towing Services Company


Number of Reviews

Dynamic Towing Solutions 5.0 541
Fabulous Towing 4.8 26
ER TOWING 4.8 12
Galaxy Breakdown Service 4.6 24
911 Rondebosch Breakdown Services 4.5 15
Cape City Towing Services 4.4 8
Towing Services 24hrs SAJS Cape Town 4.4 7
Speedy Towing and Spares 4.0 69
AMM Towing Services 3.9 33
Cape Road Assist 3.8 43

Top reviewed Towing services in Cape Town

Towing Services Company

Number of Reviews


Dynamic Towing Solutions 541 5.0
Speedy Towing and Spares 69 4.0
Cape Road Assist 43 3.8
AMM Towing Services 33 3.9
Fabulous Towing 26 4.8
Galaxy Breakdown Service 24 4.6
911 Rondebosch Breakdown Services 15 4.5
ER TOWING 12 4.8
Cape City Towing Services 8 4.4
Towing Services 24hrs SAJS Cape Town 7 4.4


Dynamic Towing Solutions is the highest-rated towing service with 5.0 stars and also stands as the top reviewed towing service with 541 reviews. Such a result is impressive because having a good rating with large sample size is desirable. Fabulous Towing and ER Towing are tied in the second place with a 4.8star rating, while the difference lies in the number of reviews, 26 and 12, respectively.

The least rated towing services are Cape Road Assist with 3.8 stars, followed by AMM Towing Services with 3.9 stars and Speedy Towing and Spares with a 4.0-star rating. However, it’s interesting to note that these top-rated towing services are commended for their quick, professional response times, which endear them to their customers, and they are also available 24/7 to cater to emergencies.

Regarding the number of reviews, Dynamic Towing Solutions is at the top of our most rated list, with 541 reviews. These reviews mostly praise their rapid customer service and staff friendliness. In second place with 69 reviews, Speedy Towing and Spares is commended for their brilliant services and affordable prices, and with 43 reviews, Cape Road Assist is ranked third on the list.

Ratings are also critical to a business’s importance, increasing customer satisfaction and sales in the long run. eKomi understands the importance of ranking and has completed the StarInsights rating with our list of the top 10 highest-rated towing services in Cape Town.

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