eKomi StarInsights: A Review of Family Restaurants in Canada

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eKomi introduced a new category to their business evaluation and rating forum, called StarInsights report. StarInsights report is a recurring series based on conducting research into a specific sector’s market research data, and evaluating leading companies and businesses with a decent number of favourable user ratings and reviews. Today’s article is based on research into Family Restaurants in Canada.

eKomi’s Review of Family Restaurants in Canada

Family Restaurants are important establishments that provide members of the family with conducive, wonderful services and comfort in a dining setting.

eKomi believes that rankings and evaluations are crucial to enterprise development, as they typically shape a client’s first impression. Therefore, using rankings and evaluations given by clients via Google Maps, we curated a listing of the high-class and maximum rated family restaurants within Canada.

Name of Family Restaurant

Number of Reviews

Dog House 2119
Mo’s Family Restaurant 1986
John’s Family Restaurant 1564
Russell Williams Family Restaurant 1530
Angelique’s Family Restaurant 1276
The Family Place Restaurant and Pizza 1084
Sassy’s Family Restaurant 1074
Country Girl Family Restaurant 951
Queen’s Coach Family Restaurant 874
P&M Restaurant 698

(Most Rated Family Restaurants in Canada)

At the top of our most rated list with 2119 reviews, Dog House restaurant is a family friendly restaurant that serves quality meals in good portions in a great atmosphere. Second on the list with 1986 reviews, Mo’s family restaurant offered old school meals for great prices and with 1564 reviews, John’s Family Restaurant offers large servings of yummy food at a great price.  

Ratings are critical to the importance of your business and work in tandem with reviews to increase customer satisfaction and sales  in the long run. eKomi understands the importance of both and has completed its StarInsights assessment by listing the top 10 Family Restaurants in Canada.

Name of Family Restaurant


Angelique’s Family Restaurant 4.7
P&M Restaurant 4.7
Russell Williams Family Restaurant 4.5
Dog House 4.4
Mo’s Family Restaurant 4.4
John’s Family Restaurant 4.4
The Family Place Restaurant and Pizza 4.4
Country Girl Family Restaurant 4.4
Queen’s Coach Family Restaurant 4.4
Sassy’s Family Restaurant 4.3

(Highest Rated Family Restaurants in Canada.)

With ratings of 4.7 each, Angelique’s Family Restaurant and P&M restaurant are at the top of our highest rated list. They offer dine in, takeaway and delivery options for their quality comfort food. Next on the list with 4.5 ratings is the Russell Williams Family Restaurant with good customer service and home cooked style food.

ekomi would like to thank the owners of the top 3 family restaurants in both categories for their excellent service and encourage them to contact trustworthy review bodies like ekomi, which competitors in the industry use to improve their digital presence with efficient teams to generate organic reviews. The eKomi team provides all family restaurants with customer satisfaction assessments, along with free consultation, to determine the level of business growth and accelerate sales development and online footprint.

Check out eKomi’s blog in three months to follow up on our assessment of which Family Restaurants in Canada will be the best and most rated.

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