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Many naturally consider banks the best and perhaps the only place to acquire personal loans when they think about getting one.

A wide range of institutions provide people with access to personal loan solutions. However, selecting the ideal lender for your financing requirements can be challenging. How can you choose one from so many? And where do you start?

In today’s StarInsights report, we’ll examine the several loan agencies in Cape Town that provide loans.

Industry Overview

A loan is when money is given to another party in exchange for repayment of the principal loan amount plus interest. Each party agrees to loan terms before any money is advanced.

By far, loan agencies are one of the most patronized institutions as a result of the financial service that they provide to the customers. Cash is not always handy for many people, so they turn to loan agencies for support. These agencies lend money that is to be returned to them with interest at a later date.

To ensure that the loan will be repaid, most lenders frequently want some security in the form of collateral before they provide the loan. Unfortunately, not every person in South Africa possesses the assets they can offer as collateral to obtain a loan.

For this reason, unsecured loans are crucial. Thankfully, today’s quick online loan applications allow business owners and individuals to submit them without pledging any assets as security.

Loan agencies are renowned for the ability to give loans where the banks fail. These loans have allowed many people to start their businesses. In other climes, it has helped some real estate firms and agencies to acquire and flip properties at reasonable interest rates. This has caused many companies to stay financially afloat, especially when their product requires running capital, which can still be stuck in goods.

This service by loan agencies is invaluable as it creates a platform that businesses can leverage to grow their companies from start to expansion without thinking about where capital will come from. 

Lack of access to loan agencies and their services is one of the biggest obstacles in life. Additionally, you may not know how to access loan agencies when you need them or where to find them. Some Loan agencies can now reach both urban and rural areas thanks to digitalization, which has closed the gap.

However, it is still surprising that many people don’t know how to access these services when needed. In addition, many businesses don’t know where to go when they need business loans. This is where online reviews help people see the loan agency to choose.

Studying and comparing online reviews can be a great place to start. In addition, unbiased customer feedback can give you a sense of how a lender operates and how it treats its borrowers. But, what really matters the most important when selecting a Lending Agency? According to consumers, the following five factors are most important when applying for a loan:

  • Interest rates
  • Fees
  • Customer service
  • Company reputation
  • Knowledgeable staff:

Many individuals use online reviews to learn more about that customer experience. But keep in mind that not all reviews are created equal when browsing the results. 

Customers’ positive reviews demonstrate their faith in the brand and how much they value the assistance they receive. For instance, a rating of 4.0 stars or more is highly commended for the loan service provider. Conversely, a much lower star rating will indicate dissatisfaction with the service and inform potential customers which loan agency to visit if they ever need one. So, with no further ado, let’s dive into the stats.

Top-rated Loan Agencies in Cape Town

Loan Agency


Number of Reviews

Hoopla Loans 4.8 68
Lulalend 4.7 80
EC Online Loans 4.6 8
Cash Loans 4.5 4
Retail Capital 4.1 25
Wonga Loans 3.9 46
123 Loans (Pty) Ltd t/a ShowTime Finance 3.6 46
DebtBusters 2.7 99
BTS Finance 2.7 11
EC Finance – Personal Cash Loans 1.9 13


Top-reviewed Loan Agencies in Cape Town

Loan Agency

Number of Reviews


DebtBusters 99 2.7
Lulalend 80 4.7
Hoopla Loans 68 4.8
Wonga Loans 46 3.9
123 Loans (Pty) Ltd t/a ShowTime Finance 46 3.6
Retail Capital 25 4.1
EC Finance – Personal Cash Loans 13 1.9
BTS Finance 11 2.7
EC Online Loans 8 4.6
Cash Loans 4 4.5


Good work to the best-rated companies in the loan agency category. Hoopla Loans is the top-rated with 4.8 stars,  Lulalend sits in the second spot with 4.7 stars, and third place is EC Online Loans with a 4.5-star rating. These companies have garnered excellent customer reviews over the years due to a constant, effective service delivery system.

In terms of reviews, DebtsBusters is the top reviewed loan agency with 99 reviews, followed by Lalalend with 80 reviews and Hoopla Loans is ranked third with 68 reviews.

The CEOs of these companies have also harnessed all their resources into making real-time decisions that would help them become better loan agencies. Congratulations to them for keeping up the international standards required of organizations of that repute. One thing cannot be overemphasized: they have been committed to customer satisfaction more than ever.

Any loan service company can also go up the ladders of these reviews by reaching out to eKomi. eKomi helps businesses grow their visibility online and drive traffic to themselves by creating a portfolio of reviews that will allow them to become the first stop for loan services. In the search results, the company’s name will pop up as long as the reviews show that they offer good loan servicing.


No company can stay at a spot on the table forever. This is because reviews increase as more customers are reached. These companies’ position over time depends on how positive or negative these ratings are. In three months, this list will be refreshed to reflect user feedback. You might as well be in charge of the board when the StarInsights report is next updated!

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