Here are the TOP Moving Companies in Cape Town


Looking for movers in Cape Town? It might be challenging to choose the best mover for your needs with the variety of movers available.

Choosing a moving company is one of the first steps to consider during the moving process. In fact, hiring a moving company is not something that should be taken lightly, as there are numerous unprofessional individuals out there whose primary objective is to take your money.

This is not a new scenario for anyone who has ever moved. Everyone has heard at least one or two terrifying stories about poor-quality movers who made the relocation much harder than needed. 

In today’s StarInsights round-up, we have featured top-rated and top-reviewed movers in Cape Town. These companies include local house, office, storage, and relocation services. 

eKomi being a Google feedback company, we have hand-picked the top ten movers for you. Our focus was simple, purely based on extensive research looking at professional, affordable movers that offer quality, experienced customer service and secure storage.

We’ve also examined moving companies’ current reviews and ratings on Google Maps.

Industry Overview

Generally, a moving company is often referred to by various names. Still, the underlying characteristic is that these companies move the possessions of a family or business from one site to another.

Moving companies fall under the logistics sector, and logistics is a big business. Daily, people move goods from one place to another. Daily economic activities rely heavily on logistics. It’s a lucrative business, and every industry needs logistics services to run business smoothly.

The moving industry contributes significantly to the nation’s GDP each year. It employs many sub-industries, such as suppliers, storage facilities, designers, short- and long-distance carriers. 

As part of the logistics and supply chain, moving companies are specialized and diversified. There are different types and services moving companies specialize in due to the various types of goods and products requiring special handling.

Residential moving: This is the most common entry level of moving company. It mainly aids those moving their possessions from one place to another. This service is in high demand, particularly in SA, where people move daily.

Commercial moving: Manufacturers and producers move products to clients. However, due to other commercial tasks, they require a trustworthy individual or business to handle them on their behalf. Moving companies help fulfill these business needs and receive payment.

Transportation of boxed, palletized and other packed goods: Moving companies in this line provide a huge load-moving service where they assist people and companies with relocating their enormous goods from one location to another.

Warehousing, storage, and packing services for goods: The service assists clients in storing their belongings in a secure location until they are eventually able to move into their new house, packers and movers in Cape Town offer warehousing and storage services. Such businesses typically charge their consumer’s extra money for such services.

In light of how moving companies operate in the above-mentioned diversified services. Moving loads from one place to another causes much suffering for the people involved. There are many negative reviews online from disgruntled customers.

Most negative reviews often suggest delivery by moving providers is frequently late. The goods, food, and equipment could all be seriously harmed. And most of the time, movers do not express regret on their part. Many extort money from consumers and businesses while providing services that fall short of expectations.

The best course of action is to identify customers’ issues with their moving providers and work to provide long-lasting solutions. This can only be done systematically by collecting authentic customer reviews. 

The aim of collecting consumer reviews is two-fold; for the customer, to compare one mover to the next based on offers, weigh your options, and decide what will work best for you and your future move. 

On the other hand, the moving company can respond to client complaints, improve service, earn a good reputation and stay on top of the food chain amongst competitors. Without further ado, here are the stats:

Top-rated moving companies in Cape Town

Moving Company



dude & van – Cape Town 5.0 142
Go Gorilla Movers (PTY) Ltd 5.0 47
Iron Horse Relocations 4.9 76
365 MOVES 4.9 54
Cape Removals 4.7 148
Biggles Furniture Removals SA 4.7 76
LoadALot 4.6 140
CM Removals – furniture removals, office Removals & storage 4.6 75
Leopard Movers 4.4 194
Mr Cheap Transport 3.9 270


Top-reviewed moving companies in Cape Town

Moving Company

Number of Reviews


Mr Cheap Transport 270 3.9
Leopard Movers 194 4.4
Cape Removals 148 4.7
dude & van – Cape Town 5.0 142
LoadALot 140 4.6
Iron Horse Relocations 76 4.9
Biggles Furniture Removals SA 76 4.7
CM Removals 75 4.6
365 MOVES 54 4.9
Go Gorilla Movers (PTY) Ltd 47 5.0

The results show that dude & van Cape Town and Go Gorilla Movers are tied at the top position. The two companies have a 5.0-star rating, making them the best-rated moving companies in Cape Town. 

Iron Horse Relocations and 365 MOVES are also tied with a 4.9-star rating, followed by Cape Removals and Biggles furniture, with both a 4.7-star rating. The huge differentiating factor is in the number of reviews. 

Without question, the quality of the moving companies reviews is essential. A business’s average number of stars is significant, but it should not be your only focus. Customers also look at the number of reviews you have. 

Therefore, the movers should too. It’s wonderful for prospective customers to see 5-star reviews and learn all the reasons why customers love your company.

Regarding the number of reviews, Mr. Cheap Transport is the highest reviewed moving company in Cape Town with 270 reviews, Leopard Movers with 194, and Cape Removals ranked third with 148 reviews.

Congratulations to the top-rated moving companies for their outstanding results and creative marketing strategies. Several movers are working hard to build their reviews to enhance their online reputation and visibility. 


Choosing moving companies in Cape Town ultimately boils down to having all the information. It is quite simple to select the least expensive alternative or to be persuaded by the enormous claims of quick actions and low prices made by numerous fly-by-night businesses.

It is always best to thoroughly study potential companies before entrusting them with your possessions. In this digital world we live in today; it’s easy to read reviews on Google, conduct web searches, and keep an eye out for both positive and negative evaluations.

This will make it much simpler to select moving firms that will give you complete peace of mind during the entire moving process. And, for the moving companies, invest and work with eKomi, a Google feedback company that will equip you with all solutions to position your business adequately.

Numerous businesses from various industries have benefited from eKomi’s help raising their profits. eKomi will essentially increase this sector’s exposure while reducing its risk.

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