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Law is one of the bedrocks of modern society. It encompasses the strength of a system and can be its bane when it is under-developed compared to the rate of development of the people it applies to.

You can see how crucial legal services are to a country’s and its residents’ daily lives in this StarInsights evaluation. It’s vital to read reviews of attorneys or a legal service provider to find out what other people have to say about the numerous reputable and dubious attorney firms in South Africa (SA).

Ratings and reviews are incredibly helpful in guiding your decision-making process before selecting a legal partner. If you’ve experienced a similar problem, you might also be able to find a resolution in this manner.

Since every decision made during a trial affects the outcome, legal concerns are urgent and need to be handled with extreme care. Therefore, it is crucial to choose knowledgeable legal service providers in situations like these. 

Selecting the appropriate legal service provider may seem challenging, but with the proper knowledge at your disposal, you can quickly get through it. 

Industry Overview

Despite difficulties elsewhere in other sectors, SA remains a significant legal hub for sub-Saharan Africa. The legal landscape has several notable international firms that operate in the country. However, local firms with solid reputations also exist. 

Generally, legal services are provided by a lawyer or attorney engaged in law practice and involve legal or law-related concerns. Legal services are crucial for establishing the rights of individuals, groups, and even animals. In addition, the advancement of democracy, support of democracy, and the growth of a country’s legal system are all goals of forward-thinking legal services.

It is pertinent to understand that legal service providers are not only lawyers. These lawyers are a minute part of a larger society. While they are mostly the ones recognized as practitioners of the profession, law firms, paralegals, court clerks and other bodies, including international rights protection agencies established within the country, all make the body of legal service providers.

The services legal practitioners offer are open-ended and dynamic. The most common duty is to represent clients in a court of law. While the rate of civil and criminal offences continues to grow in SA, there is a need for a legal system that improves to address the subsequent legal problems that may arise.

New times continue to call for new thinking, resulting in most legal service providers transforming how they run businesses and operations. And without a doubt, a legal service provider’s affairs, responsibilities, and duties can be better known, recognized, and appreciated where there is constant and public mention of the works the firm provides.

As such, reviews are a great way to show the service rendered by legal firms and agencies. Anyone who does business professionally can attest to the significance of reviews for a company. No matter what you do, customers will always check your reviews before deciding whether to do business with you.

For instance, the facts about the success rates of some legal companies are apparent and cannot be overemphasized. Moreover, since consumers frequently seek legal advice when a private, serious issue arises, online reviews offer a quick, personal way to assess lawyers.

Reviews are necessary to make people see the quality of service available to the people who need such legal advice or in-court representation. 

eKomi’s Best-Rated Legal Service in SA

Legal Service


Number of Reviews

SD Law 4.9 176
Bowmans 4.6 35
Webber Wentzel 4.5 38
Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr 4.4 54
SchoemanLaw Inc 4.4 42
Norton Rose Fulbright SA 4.2 129
ENSafrica 3.7 6
Scorpion Legal Protection (Pty) Ltd 3.6 95
Legal Aid South Africa 3.5 65

eKomi’s Most-rated Legal Service in South Africa

Legal Service

Number of Reviews


SD Law 176 4.9
Norton Rose Fulbright SA 129 4.2
Scorpion Legal Protection (Pty) Ltd 95 3.6
Legal Aid South Africa 65 3.5
Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr 54 4.4
SchoemanLaw Inc 42 4.4
Webber Wentzel 38 4.5
Bowmans 35 4.6
ENSafrica 6 3.7

The best-rated legal service providers on the table are worthy of recognition. Nordien Law and SD Law are tied on top, leading the charts with a 4.9-star-rating, with the difference only lying in the number of reviews, 127 and 167, respectively. Bowman’s Law is the second top-rated legal firm with a stable 4.6-star rating from 35 reviews, followed by Webber Wentzel with a 4.5-star rating from 38 reviews. 

In terms of reviews,  SD Law leads the chart with a notable 176 reviews, followed by Norton Rose Fullbright SA with 129 reviews. Nordien Law is ranked third, having obtained 127 reviews. The companies listed above have managed to use reviews and ratings as social proof of their service and continue to increase their trust in their client.

Kudos to the CEOs of these firms. The reviews reveal their capacity to manage personnel among other company resources to create the ultimate legal experiences for every one of their clients to the point that they garnered so many reviews. In addition, these firms have equally led the frontiers in pushing for the advancement of law by incorporating understanding and solving issues arising out of current circumstances.


Online presence is key to a business’s success in today’s hyper-digital world. The listed firms obtained a sufficient amount of reviews that genuinely reflect the service offered. As a result, other law firms in SA might also take the top spot on this list if they invest in the collection of reviews.

These ratings keep you in a position to reach out to local clients who might require legal assistance. 

For legal services firms, working with eKomi will be ideal.  eKomi has the added benefit of providing online ratings and customer reviews through a systematic and authentic process, so you can quickly obtain accurate information on service providers’ value.

In three months, we will once again give an update on the legal service firms in SA based on reviews and ratings. We urge all firms to start collecting reviews and improve their customer engagement strategies to keep customers returning after they have visited the firm.

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