Top Car Dealerships in Lagos, Nigeria – EKomi StarInsights 2022

Best Car Dealerships in Lagos, Nigeria - EKomi StarInsights 2022


eKomi, one of the most established online review platforms, has generated a new category to their business evaluation and rating forum, titled StarInsights report. StarInsights report is a continuous sequel on a specific sector’s market research data reflecting leading companies with a good volume of positive user ratings and reviews. Today’s article covers in-depth research on the top car dealerships in Lagos. 

eKomi’s Market Analysis of Car Dealerships in Lagos

The automobile industry is highly competitive, and the essential nature of reviews to the sector cannot be overemphasized. eKomi understands that car purchasers have several preferences ranging from color to engine to car seat, and when quality services are delivered, it will be apparent in the positive reviews of such business or company. These reviews could result in a higher consumer traffic for such business, and the higher the traffic, the higher the chances of the customer purchasing a product. 

eKomi has built a world-renowned platform for user-validated reviews and, through StarInsights, has conducted a comparison among the car dealers in the automobile industry, based on their ratings and reviews. The car dealerships produced in this report comprise


Best Car Dealerships in Lagos, Nigeria - EKomi StarInsights 2022

StarInsights report provided an aggregate on their competitive positioning regarding online search traffic. The charts show at the top with close to 1,800 search clicks on their website and at the bottom with approximately one hundred searches. had a total of 1,400 search clicks, while,, and had around 600, 1500, and 150 clicks, respectively. 

According to TMDP, positive reviews can help to boost organic search click-through rates, and a click-through rate indicates how many people have clicked on the website, and if they are in the more significant number, it also encourages other purchasers to click on the website. As the data in the chart above shows, businesses that have higher ratings in online search results are more likely to be viewed.


Businesses Number of reviews
YMG Auto Sales 54
Ardo Cars 34
Cars45 Yaba Center 22
Banex Motors 2
Coscharis Motors 2
Northern Cars 0

(number of reviews on car dealerships in Lagos)


Businesses Average ratings
YMG Auto Sales 4.7
Ardo Cars 4.5
Cars45 Yaba Center 4.1
Banex Motors 4.0
Coscharis Motors 3.0
Northern Cars 4.0

(number of ratings on car dealerships in Lagos)

eKomi has also taken data collated from the reviews on Google Maps, and has aggregated on a number of companies, as shown in the tables above. The highest reviewed business according to those reviews was YMG Auto Sales with 54 reviews and a rating of 4.7. Ardo Cars with a total of 34 reviews and a rating of 4.5 takes the second most-reviewed spot and the third most reviewed company with a total of 22 reviews and a 4.1 rating is Cars45 Yaba Center. The bottom rankings in reviews are held by Northern Cars, Banex Motors and Coscharis Motors. Both Banex and Coscharis have just 2 reviews and ratings of 4.0 and 3.0 respectively, while Northern Cars is at the bottom with one review and a rating of 4.0

If we compare by Google Maps reviews, YMG Auto Sales is the leading, most-rated distributor of cars in Lagos state-wide. The second most-rated is Ardo Cars, while the third is Cars45 Yaba Center. While we congratulate the CEOs of the three companies, a general problem with the supposed leading distributors of cars in Nigeria is an appalling lack of reviews and ratings, both on their website pages and on other acclaimed review sites such as eKomi. This is 2022, and any business that doesn’t do as much as possible in the review and rating sector is not ready for their profits to rise. The key to great business in the automobile industry lies in the positive reviews, as time has proven several times that purchasers will make choices on products greatly influenced by the reviews they read online. According to Zendesk, a company that specializes in customer relationship management (CRM), 90 percent of customers declare positive online reviews impact their purchasing outcomes.

Do not be worried; eKomi is here to take your car dealership to the next level. The eKomi team is dedicated to collating feedback and reviews from various customers for a business to improve its rankings on Google, its online presence and search traffic, along with its visibility on the internet. This crucial skill will help a business owner organize data, improve on sales and marketing tactics, and especially employee-customer relations. eKomi is offering a free consultation as a precursor to the assessment of consumer interactions for all businesses and companies, and this will assist in the sales and marketing development of such enterprises. 


Online feedback from actual purchasers is one of the significant characteristics of a flourishing business and is very necessary to keep up with the ever-changing evolving consumer needs and choices. The eKomi agency must be utilized if a business wishes to skyrocket in sales and marketing. The agency also facilitates the improvement of social media presence, as a lot of reviews are shared on social media apps. The eKomi team will be conducting another assessment in the next three months and expects car dealerships in Lagos to produce more encouraging results. Set notifications for the blog to learn more about who will be the best rated and the most rated car dealer in Lagos.

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