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Top 10 Car Dealerships in Toronto – Ekomi StarInsights 2022

Top 10 Car Dealerships in Toronto - Ekomi StarInsights 2022

eKomi published its StarInsights report, which provides insight into customer feedback based on Google MyBusiness Ratings. This StarInsights report focuses on ten selective car dealerships in Toronto, Canada.

This report examines the car dealership sector. Car dealerships must be accredited and have a good reputation. As a result, it is important for car dealerships to have a fair and transparent pricing policy to ensure that every customer feels valued and satisfied. 

Reviews are critical for car dealerships in Toronto. By examining reviews, customers will get a better insight into the workings of the business, the experiences of previous buyers, dealerships that have good customer service, and whether or not they should go to a particular car dealership. 

It is evident that customer feedback based on Google MyBusiness ratings can significantly affect car dealerships. Reviews are important because they help car dealerships stand out in the midst of the competition, as customers will choose the car dealership with the best reviews and excellent customer service. While reviews are an invaluable resource for customers, they can also play a significant role in the reputation of car dealerships.

eKomi: Best-rated car dealerships in Toronto

Car Dealerships Ratings Number of reviews
Pro Drive Auto Sales 4.9 150
Gus Car Sales 4.8 90
Keele Auto Centre 4.8 81
City South Fine Cars Inc 4.8 37
Volkswagen MidTown Toronto 4.7 1,377
Bell Auto 4.7 957
Good Fellow’s Auto Wholesalers 4.7 916
Sun Auto Sales 4.7 404
Malibu Motors 4.7 304
Genesis Downtown Toronto 4.7 48

eKomi: Most-rated car dealerships in Toronto

Car Dealership Number of reviews Ratings
Parkview BMW 1,498 4.4
Nexcar Auto Sales & Leasing 1,191 4.5
Autorama 1,179 4.4
Roadsport Honda 1,097 4.0
Honda Downtown 1,040 4.2
Bell Auto 957 4.7
Good Fellow’s Auto Wholesalers 916 4.7
Favorit Motors 579 4.3
Coliseum Auto Sales on Weston 534 4.3
Sun Auto Sales 404 4.7


Based on the official Google MyBusiness ratings, as of February 14, 2022, the best-rated car dealership in Toronto includes Pro Drive Auto Sales with 150 reviews and a 4.9-star rating, followed by Gus Car Sales with 90 reviews and a 4.8-star rating, and Keele Auto Centre with 81 reviews and a 4.8-star rating. Congratulations to the best-rated car dealership for their exceptional performance and innovative marketing efforts! These car dealerships are putting forth tremendous effort to increase their reviews in order to improve their online image and visibility. These car dealerships embraced a forward-thinking approach by focusing on making meaningful connections with customers.

Kudos to the CEO of the best-rated car dealership companies, namely Kenny Xu, the CEO of Pro Drive Auto Sales, Bill Rounis, the CEO of Keele Auto Centre, and Carlo Cotroneo, the CEO of Gus Car Sales, for the leadership provided by developing innovative technology, excellent customer service and creating a better world for all. These leaders understood that earning positive reviews and maintaining high customer satisfaction ratings is key to success in this increasingly competitive market.

eKomi can increase reviews and ratings for car dealerships. eKomi has helped several car dealerships boost their bottom line by providing outstanding reviews and achieving a high ranking on major search engines. Essentially, eKomi provides car dealerships with increased exposure and less risk. Please do not hesitate to schedule a free consultation to discuss how to enhance your Google review count.

We will release another StarInsights report in three months to provide insights into how reviews and ratings have evolved in terms of best and most rated car dealerships in Toronto. We will see changes that have taken place in the car dealership sector.

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