Best PPE Suppliers in Nairobi, Kenya

Best PPE Suppliers in Kenya

Best PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) Suppliers in Nairobi, Kenya It is important that we make the workplace as safe as possible. Most businesses ensure that all safety laws are fulfilled while keeping work places safe by providing safety supplies and protective equipment like helmets and protective apparel. However, it can be challenging to choose the […]

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No puedes piratear tu reputación online. Sigue este consejo en cambio.

Por Michael Ambros, Fundador y CEO de eKomi. La reputación siempre ha sido un ingrediente crucial en cualquier receta de éxito empresarial. Sin embargo, la reputación es más de lo que los clientes, las partes interesadas y el público piensan de ti. Es la buena voluntad que sienten (o no) hacia tu empresa. De acuerdo con […]

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eKomi’s CEO, Michael Ambros, Discusses the Importance of Authentic Reviews

eKomi’s CEO and founder, Michael Ambros, has recently published an article titled, “Authentic Reviews: Can Your Business Get Them Without Begging Or Buying?” The founder’s message to his partners and audience is clear and concise: you NEED authentic and positive reviews for your business. These reviews act as social proof for your business and a reassurance for potential customers that they can trust your products and services.

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