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StarInsights Health Food Stores in Paris, France

Health Food Stores in Paris, France

Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

Food For Health, A Global Ideology

The quote above runs deep into the new societal perspective of healthy living. Over recent years, there has been a global rebirth of pursuing cleaner habits through food. Today, people want to eat not only for nourishment but to meet the standards of good health. For health-conscious individuals, food is a preventative measure against illness and a cure. 

A health food store is a place where people can find fresh, healthy and nutritious foods. Some products sold include grains, legumes and beans, eggs, nuts, and seeds/legumes. Most health stores also sell organic vegetables and fruits, as well as dairy products such as cheese and yoghurt. Many health supermarkets also offer health-supporting products such as vitamins, minerals, and supplements. 

Health Food Stores in Paris, France

In general, French people are considered a health-conscious nation. They worry about their physical well-being, so they pick nutritious diets. We browsed Google Maps to find the best Paris-based organic food stores, using their ratings and reviews as metrics. 

We found 30+ stores with physical locations. Based on the results, a handful of Parisian health stores specialise in organic food. Otherwise, there is a hefty supply of healthy food stores to cater to the health-conscious community in Paris. 

We sorted the results found as the most rated and reviewed stores as of 20 October 2022. The results were obtained as follows:

Best Rated Health Food Stores in Paris, France 

Store Rating Number of reviews 
Altervojo 4.7 95
Famille Mary 4.7 90
Ma Petite Ferme  4.7 57
Miyam 4.7 273
Toutelanutrition Paris 13ème 4.6 171
Hédonie-Le meilleur du bio à Paris 4.5 56
Herbalife Paris 4.5 10
Biocoop Boucicaut 4.5 185
Vegami 4.5 888

Most Reviewed Health Food Supermarkets in Paris, France 

Store Number of reviews  Rating 
Vegami 888 4.5
Herboristerie du Palais Royal 584 4.5
Naturéo Livry-Gargan 512 4.1
Biocoop Canal Bio 480 4.1
Miyam 273 4.7
L’Épidon – Restaurant français 260 4.4
NATURALIA (Bd des Batignolles) 245 4.0
Biocoop La République 243 4.3
Le Retour à la Terre Rive Gauche 239 4.3
Bio c’ Bon Paris Lecourbe 230 4.1

Analysis of Health Food Markets in Paris, France

The top-rated health food stores in Paris were found to possess between 4.7 and 4.5 star-ratings, featuring the leading store, Altervojo. On another hand, the most reviewed health food shop was found as Vegami with 888 massive reviews, and a very good star rating of 4.5. On this list, the least reviewed store, Bio c’ Bon Paris Lecourbe, still has an appreciable number of reviews at 230.

These are brilliant results that eKomi commends. Reviews and ratings are powerful marketing tools that businesses should strive to expose to existing and new clientèle. They are important in customer decision-making. Once again, eKomi highly regards health food stores in Paris for the impression they leave on their customers.

eKomi for Organic Parisian Health Food Stores

Seeing that Parisian health food shops are receiving a lot of positive feedback for their current customers, eKomi would like to bring even more value towards their customers’ feedback. We own software that generates requests for reviews for all your transaction-based interactions with customers. We then manage them, publish and integrate them into your Google Seller Ratings. The outcome is increased ranking on Google and more sales, ultimately. Contact us today to get started.

Keep an eye out for this blog. In the next three months, a follow-up report will be released to investigate what the leading health supermarkets are.  

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